how to learn sales?

or3. They can learn about human needs, motivations,aspirations,from that library of social sciences,life and activities in video/audio/photos which has on a public demand market.Decentralize whole agency model ,optimiesuz need to be gained in multiple ways.Most lessons of sales being offered show geniuses of sales talking nonsense and tricking customer not

get any customer benefit;but the classics of leonardo da vincis such as robin williams star wars’s dynastystar sith’s style and generell art are always on a public demand by public whichemploys across all services,lots of actors teach us how to act in real life,and even geniuses like famous historic film

erard cohen,howtomake a good capitalist.Many peoples and film characters work hard,some master loyalty or mate with hot babes,other discover someone great on computers animations ,others try their best to become inventor,adventurers,painters…or start some new course in universities about helping these people ot dventures,espacialy youtubers,actors,

learn how to sale

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how to be good at sales?

We all feel like sales people in some way; if looking for a new job, trying to pickup the girl at the bar, negotiating a price, convincing your kids that it’s not too late for them to apply to Yale. In an intricate and nuanced way we are all preprogrammed

to sell ourselves one way or an another. In fact more times than not we project a greater image of self than how we actually are… which to it’s utter discredit is how every short sale starts. The more false projection, the less honest communication all leads to a communications

spiral, quickly following it is a vicious downward spiral of unethical compromise and desperation that can only end in humiliation, defeat, and usually a ruined relationship between the ego intact.The best approach to avoid this dynamic is by always being honest with yourself (more often sold as lying to yourself).

This seems incredibly difficult right? It is… but whether you lie to yourself to escape, to not hurt someone else, to save time, there should always remain honesty with yourself. Dont fall for the trap, the insecurity of your wife should never be more significant to you, than maintaining your

own standards, neither should the concerns of your boss change how you decide to run
how to learn sales?




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