Buy THC Edibles Canada Online by Treat Me Nice

You want to try and buy cannabis edibles online, but don’t know where to start? Well, you have come to the right place. One of the best ways to introduce THC edibles into your wellness routine is with THC Gummies. All the cannabis edibles are pre-dosed, so you don’t have to worry about “overdoing it.” They are also tasty, convenient, delicious and discreet.

The benefits of THC edibles are hot right now. Megan Rapinoe, a soccer player, credits it to her recovery regime. The NFL’s players union is exploring its benefits. Kim Kardashian spent time at her daughter’s baby shower talking about cannabis gummies, which she credits with saving her life. All because of this one substance that has so many health benefits. All good, right?

If you’re looking to buy THC edibles online in Canada, you’ll find hundreds of cannabis edibles available, but what’s right for you? Luckily, you’ve got our definitive guide to weed edibles right in front of you. We brought you the guide to the best cannabis gummies, and now present to you a list of the best THC gummies to buy this year.

It’s important to be able to find the best THC gummies around. We’ve read reviews, checked social media, and gathered feedback from focus groups across the nation. These are our favorite cannabis edible picks, but make sure you scroll down below to get answers to your most common questions.

Best THC Gummies Canada | Treat Me Nice

#1 – Treat Me Nice | Best THC Edibles Canada

Treat Me Nice gummies are made from organic fruit juices, have no artificial ingredients, and come in mouth-watering flavors. Each cannabis gummy has a fresh, fruity taste. You can enjoy Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Peach, Apple, Grape, and Watermelon. The best THC edibles Canada has to offer that will delight your senses.

Treat Me Nice, the THC edibles company was founded by a professional athlete who consulted with a doctor to develop the most healthy and tasty cannabis edible products. Treat Me Nice strives to create cannabis edibles that are as safe and healthy as possible. When you buy THC Edibles online from Treat Me Nice, you won’t find any additives, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, gluten, or animal products.

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We are a big fan of the THC gummies we can buy online. We love their brand even more. They offer discounts for those that serve in the military, first responders, or would like to seek financial assistance with cannabis edible products. Treat Me Nice is the kind of weed edibles industry leader that puts people first and we appreciate that.

Treat Me Nice, a Canadian-based cannabis edibles company, has been on our radar for a while now. They’re supporting the Cannabis Amnesty initiative, which looks to right the wrongs of historical cannabis criminalization. They also offer cannabis gummy discounts for first responders and military members. We love that they give back to people, not profits.

Company Price Total THC mg Gummies per package Flavors
Treat Me Nice $24.95 240mg 10 Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Grape,
Strawberry, Peach, Apple
Twisted Extracts $16.00 80mg 8 Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry,
Mango, Orange, Pineapple
Boost $44.95 300mg 20 Watermelon, Cherry, Strawberry,
Apple, Lemon, Blue Raspberry
Mota $16.99 240mg 8 Strawberry, Grape, Cherry, Peach,
Mango, Watermelon
MOOD $15.00 150mg 15 Gin & Tonic, Prosecco, Apple,
Sangria, Mint, Raspberry
Astro Quads $22.50 300mg 10 Peach, Grape, Cola Watermelon
CANNABUZZ $33.99 300mg 12 Strawberry, Pina Colada, Peach
Ripped Edibles $24.00 240mg 12 Strawberry, Peach, Watermelon,
CANNAMO $75.00 800mg 40 Mediterranean Bliss, Tangerine,
Tropical Paradise
Trippy Treats $55.00 400mg 10 Strawberry, Apple, Pina Colada,
Guava, Pear, Fruit Punch
Pot Boss $20.00 450mg 3 Mango, Grape
Willo $20.00 200mg 10 Peach, Raspberry, Lime, Blueberry,
Watermelon, Pineapple
TastyTHC $25.00 480mg 12 Raspberry, Cola, Grape, Cherry
Sour Berry
Candy Highs $30.00 500mg 10 Watermelon, Peach, Mango

Buy Cannabis Gummies Online | Treat Me Nice | Twisted Extracts

#2 – Twisted Extracts | Buy Cannabis Gummies Online

If you are looking for the best place to buy twisted extracts, gummies, and caramels, then you are in luck! This is the right place for any Canadian who is looking to purchase these products. We are the best source for this product! Every candy is made with the highest quality standards and evenly dosed to ensure maximum safety. Twisted Extracts goal is to provide safe products for everyone, from medical cannabis people to recreational users.

We’re going to walk you through the steps needed to buy cannabis edibles online from Twisted Extracts in Canada. While we’re only focusing on edibles in this guide, you can also order THC edibles online in Canada and have it delivered to your door.

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Buy THC Gummies Canada | Treat Me Nice | Boost Edibles


#3 – Boost Edibles | Buy THC Gummies Canada

If you want a tasty, juicy, and naturally flavoured THC gummies in Canada, Boost Edibles are for you. They are made with care and the best ingredients to deliver a consistent dose of cannabis in every bite. Boost is a THC gummy company that uses a patient-focused process to guarantee a consistent dosage level.

If you want to buy THC gummies Canada online, the first thing you need to do is find a reputable online dispensary where you can buy weed edibles online. There are several online dispensaries, like Treat Me Nice ,that sell marijuana edibles like weed gummies and other marijuana edible products, but not all of them can be trusted.

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Best Edibles Canada | Treat Me Nice

#4 – Mota Cannabis Edibles | Edibles Canada

When ordering with Mota cannabis edibles, you can buy cannabis-infused edibles such as treats, candies, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. Canadian customers can buy edibles Canada without any issues and pay by e-transfer.

Edibles Canada are a great way to consume cannabis, but you need to make sure you’re consuming the best quality products. When you’re buying weed edibles, you need to know that they’re being made from proper, clean, and safe cannabis products.

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CBD Gummies Canada | Treat Me Nice


#5 – MOOD Cannabis Co | CBD Gummies Canada

Mood Cannabis Co is a dispensary that located on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, BC with the goal of helping you find your desired effect, state of mind, and mood. They offer high quality cbd gummies for sale without any hassle.

Learn how to buy cbd gummies online in Canada. If you haven’t heard of MOOD Cannabis Co and their CBD edibles before, you are missing out on their delicious flavored gummies. If you haven’t heard of MOOD Cannabis Co and their CBD edibles before, we recommend checking them out as soon as possible! One of the yummiest Cannabis companies around, MOOD uses high-quality hemp as its base ingredient to create delectable gummies for those who may be unfamiliar with but interested in trying CBD or those who already vouch for the product.

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Buy Weed Edibles Canada | Treat Me Nice

#6 – Astro Quads | Buy Weed Edibles Canada

Astro Quads weed edibles are a candy made by a group of four friends who wanted to offer people some good old-fashioned fun as well as a certain level of health consciousness. These medicated gummies are flavored using natural ingredients from fruits and contain 10 pieces of candy per packaging. Because they’re both beautiful to look at and delicious, they make an amazing gift for birthdays or holidays and even better if shared with friends.

Why not buy weed edibles Canada online and save yourself the trouble of worrying about parking or searching for a store that sells gifts over the counter?

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Cannabis Edibles Canada | Treat Me Nice

#7 – CANNABUZZ | Cannabis Edibles Canada

There has been a lot of hype lately about cannabis edibles Canada and the brand CannaBuzz entering the market. CannaBuzz offers a wide selection of Canada’s best cannabis edibles. Explore today and buy online! Best selection, fast shipping, free same day pickup in Toronto & Vancouver!

CannaBuzz: Looking for delicious treats that also happen to be cannabis-infused? Look no further! CannaBuzz has an extensive range of delectable cannabis edibles such as chews, chocolates, and drinks. Their products are high quality and great tasting. We specialize in cannabis edibles at reasonable prices!

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CBD Edibles Canada | Treat Me Nice | Ripped Edibles

#8 – Ripped Edibles | CBD Edibles Canada

Ripped Edibles, a new and upcoming CBD edibles Canada brand that’s made to provide you with nothing but good vibes.

Ripped Edibles CBD Canada is on a mission to help people find the right CBD edibles Canada for their needs! They’re dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best CBD Canada products. Their CBD infused edibles Canada are made using natural ingredients and free of any harmful additives. They also sell vape liquid, balms, liquid liners, and more.

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Buy Marijuana Edibles Online | Treat Me Nice | CANNAMO

#9 – CANNAMO | Buy Marijuana Edibles Online

If you want a wide variety of marijuana edibles online, then the best thing is to buy them from a leading online store like CANNAMO. They have a wide selection of THC and cannabis edibles in flavors and all kinds of different forms that they deliver right to your door if you live in Canada.

Buy marijuana edibles online in Canada at great prices if you are looking to get a chill high without the worries. Enjoy CANNAMO’s cannabis edible products.

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#10 – Trippy Treats | Edibles Online Canada

Trippy Treats are made using the ample and tastiest natural ingredients. The delicious edibles online Canada gummies can leave your taste buds satisfied, offering a burst of flavor-filled fruits. Enjoy these yummy cannabis edibles whenever you need to smoke cannabis discretely. At Trippy Treats, they make it easy for everybody who love marijuana candy!

Buy edibles online Canada with Trippy Treats, the proud maker of amazing weed edibles. They’re made with only the finest ingredients in a dazzling array of flavors using time-honored recipes imported from Europe. Trippy Treats are made in small batches with lots of love!

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#11 – Pot Boss | Strong Edibles Canada

POT BOSS gummies are made with premium colourless, tasteless distillate so all you get is the taste of delicious fruit flavours and the consistent result you expect. Try their strong edibles Canada today! Each Pot Boss Gummy bag contains three 150 mg gummies which are sure to have you feeling great!

Visit Pot Boss now for the best strong edibles Canada has to offer at their online dispensary. Choose from an array of strong edibles including strong cannabis infused products high in CBD and THC.

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#12 – Willo | Strongest Edibles Canada

Willo offers the strongest edibles Canada that has been carefully selected by licensed extraction specialists. If you’re shopping on a budget for the most potent edibles Canada online, you can buy them at great prices with speedy same-day delivery.

Willo’s edible products are made from the finest cannabis extracts sourced from trusted licensed extractors who have been working with prime quality material for many years. Their known for being the strongest THC edibles in Canada are carefully handmade by seasoned bakers in order to achieve a great taste and a high potency that is perfect for your needs. Willo’s cannabis edibles are available at an affordable price and can be purchased online.

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#13 – TastyTHC | Edibles Weed

TastyTHC is dedicated to providing high quality cannabis at affordable edibles weed prices. Made from the freshest ingredients, their products not only taste great but are always prepared with the utmost care and consideration. Quality and Service comes first and they make it their mission to honor these values in everything they do.

They specialize in high quality and affordable weed edibles and distillate. Their reputation has been built on integrity and excellent customer service since the day they opened their online edibles dispensary.

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#14 – Candy Highs | Buy Canada Edibles Online

Buy Canada edibles online. Candy Highs offer one of the largest selections of edibles online in Canada for your needs. The purchase process is very easy. Candy Highs bring huge variety of marijuana goods for your needs. You can choose between THC & CBD edibles. Their products are excellent quality, tasty marijuana goods!

Candy Highs is a reliable online dispensary to buy Canada edibles online for sale. Buy weed edibles online from a trusted seller at a great price. Weed edibles from best-selling brands are all available here so you can have the experience of trying out new types of weed treats whenever you want, carefree.

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Buy Marijuana Edibles Online | Treat Me Nice | CANNAMO


Cannabis Edibles Guide | Treat Me Nice

Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Edibles

What are edibles?

Edibles are foods that have been infused with cannabis. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so to help you navigate the world of edibles, let’s start with these common forms:

  • Baked goods
  • Candies
  • Gummies
  • Chocolates
  • Lozenges
  • Beverages

Making edibles at home is a great way to better control the ingredients and their quantities. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and is extracted into oils. These oils can be used for cooking or can be directly spread on food. Smoking marijuana is still the most popular way to consume it, but now many people are turning to edibles. And they’re not aware of the potential dangers.

Cannabis-infused edibles are on the rise. Gone are the days of homemade brownies. Dispensaries are now stocked with a range of THC and CBD-infused items in various strengths, serving sizes, flavors, and textures. Here’s a list of some of the most common types of edibles you’ll find at a dispensary.

Types of Edibles:

  • Gummies & Chews – Fruit chews and sour gummies containing THC or CBD.
  • Chocolates & Backed Goods – Chocolate bars, cookies, macaroons, puffed rice squares–all these confectionary treats can be infused with cannabis.
  • Drops & Beverages – Drink straight or stir into your morning coffee or evening tea.
  • Candies – THC and CBD candies can include flavorful mints, caramels, espresso bites, and lozenges.
  • Capsules & Chewable Tablets – Pills and tablet edibles are flavored by some for their easy method of ingestion.
  • Sublinguals – Such fast-acting liquid extracts can be placed directly under your tongue.

How Long Will it Take to Feel the Effects?

It can take 30-90 minutes for a person to feel the effects of a food item that has been digested. However, edibles that enter the bloodstream directly, such as a sublingual or a beverage, can produce an effect in around 15 minutes.

Start Low and Go Slow

The effects of certain edibles aren’t always immediately felt. This may lead some to ingest more to stimulate the process–which is often a mistake. The basic principle for consuming edible marijuana is to ‘start low and go slow’ to achieve a safe and enjoyable experience.

What marijuana edibles types are there?

THC and CBD edibles are so popular now! Unlike the old-fashioned brownies, there’s a wider variety of edibles available with diverse strengths, serving sizes, flavors, textures.

What type of edibles get you high?

Cannabis edibles are often separated into four categories: Sativa only, Indica only, hybrid type, and CBD only. Sativa only contains both THC and CBD and is known for its energizing or creative effects. Indica only contains both THC and CBD and is known for its sedating effects. CBD only has CBD and is therapeutic without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Does Indica or Sativa matter in edibles?

Different strains of cannabis produce different effects. Sativa has a more uplifting and less body-oriented effect than Indica, which is more sedating and produces stronger body highs. Edibles also tend to be more sedating than smoked cannabis for some people.

Do edibles make your eyes red?

It’s not the cannabis smoke that makes your eyes red, but rather how it lowers blood pressure, causing blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. For example, if you ingest an edible, you might see your eyes turn red. Of course, this depends on the amount of THC that you consume.

What are the pros of cannabis edibles?

Cannabis products are commonly used to ease suffering in cancer patients. Edibles, oils, tinctures, pills, and gummies have been shown to reduce suffering for people suffering from weight loss, pain, appetite loss, and spasms. They can also help with nausea, anxiety, and sleep quality.

What are the cons of edibles?

  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Agitation
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia

Do your eyes dilate from edibles?

It’s a little more complicated for marijuana. Studies don’t show a lot of data to indicate someone smoking or ingesting marijuana will definitely have dilated pupils. It can happen, but really, there’s no definitive answer for how or why.

Do edibles work less on a full stomach?

Eating a meal before consuming an infused product will help you avoid feeling uncomfortable. Let’s say you have a full stomach and want to have a bite of that infused cookie. Try to eat some food first, then eat the edible. Eating an edible with an empty stomach will hit you much easier and faster and might make you feel really uncomfortable.

Can edibles help me sleep?

A 2008 study found that people who ingest marijuana strains with higher levels of THC typically get less REM sleep. That means they can’t dream or have nightmares. This is good for people with PTSD, who might otherwise experience more nightmares.

Buy Strongest Edibles in Canada

You know your tolerance. You know how much THC you can handle before feeling the effects of edibles. We have the most experienced consumers covered with powerful edibles such as 100mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. But if you’re not completely sure, we also have the appropriate strength of edibles that will help guide you to a safe dose.

Buy Weed Edibles Online

In Treat Me Nice Canada Online Dispensary, we have a wide selection of cannabis products for those with a medicinal need. We offer a variety of edibles such as gummies, chocolate, CBD edibles, vegan edibles, cookies, and brownies. We use high quality ingredients to ensure that you are getting the best cannabis experience possible.

Online Dispensary Canada for Edibles

Treat Me Nice is Canada’s best dispensary for you to buy cannabis-infused edibles online. Buy marijuana edibles online from the comfort of your own home today!

Weed edibles ordered online comes with a tracking number and excellent customer support, so you know the package will arrive at your destination. Our professional commerce system is a fast and safe way to order edible and other products.

Whether you’re looking for weed edibles, other cannabis products such as weed, concentrates and vapes, we got you covered. Be sure to check out Treat Me Nice if you want the best selection of cannabis-related goodies!

Buy Weed edibles in every city and province in Canada

Cannabis Edibles British Columbia, Canada

Buy Cannabis Edibles in BC

Looking for the highest quality marijuana edibles in British Columbia? Look no further than BC Weed Edibles! We’re available throughout the province to deliver your delicious treats directly to your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for something to end your day with or just for a little pick-me-up, we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for. Buy Weed Gummies Edibles in British Columbia. 

Buy Strong Edibles in British Columbia

Buying edibles from a reputable company is crucial to having a great experience. It’s important to know what you’re buying and how it’s made, and to make sure you’re buying from a company that has a strong reputation.

Is it legal to buy Cannabis edibles in BC?

Starting October 17th, 2019 it became legal to sell edibles and concentrates across the country. All products must be sold to people over the age of 19 years old, in order to limit addiction risk among young adults.

Buy Weed Edibles in Vancouver

If you’re looking to buy weed edibles in Vancouver, BC, you’re in luck. There are a number of different weed edible brands that you can buy from various dispensaries.

If you have a sweet tooth, we have just the thing for you. If you really enjoy dessert, you will love our wide selection of edibles. Browse our site and select your favorite dish or candy. Drop them in your cart and follow the easy check-out process. Our team will get right to work filling your order.

Your favorite edibles are just a click away. Click on the ones you want and then check out with a few quick steps. We’ll take care of the rest.

THC & CBD Edibles Delivery in Vancouver

Cannabis edibles come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a recreational or medicinal high, there’s an edible for you. Now, with the cannabis market opening up, the possibilities are endless.

Buying cannabis products is not only easier than ever, but also safer. The potency of THC and CBD has been carefully measured and reported, so you can buy with confidence. The cannabis industry is in the throes of a campaign that will lead to various cannabis products. Vancouver cannabis, including edibles, is leading the way in this direction.

Buy Edibles Online in Vancouver

It is not easy to find cannabis edibles in Vancouver. There are many options, but many shops have been forced to close their doors due to the pandemic.

When you’re looking for the best dispensary online, the process can be a bit trickier than it sounds. While most dispensaries focus on weed, edibles are becoming much more popular. The best way to find the perfect place for your favourite edibles is to search online; it can be hard to find good edibles in your area. 

Buying edibles online in Vancouver has never been easier. At the Treat Me Nice Canada online dispensary, we have everything you need to enjoy the benefits of cannabis edibles. From cannabis-infused gummies to cannabis-infused chocolate bars, we have just what you need.

What Are Weed Edibles?

Weed-infused food is here! Everyday treats are infused with cannabis to deliver both medicinal and recreational benefits. THC, CBD, or a blend of the two are added to food so they can be eaten straight or used in your kitchen. Let’s get baking! Marijuana edibles are a new and safe way to consume marijuana, as they are regulated for potency reporting and food handling.

Marijuana is a plant that must be digested before it can be absorbed by the body. When smoked, the cannabis is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, delivering a quick and strong effect. When eaten, it must first be digested before its effects can take place.

Cannabis edibles are not only tasty, they are also convenient for certain circumstances. Edibles offer a benefit that smoking doesn’t: they can be consumed in any environment. When you can’t smoke, but need relief, cannabis edibles are the way to go. Just grab a gummy or some hard candy and enjoy your dose of well-deserved relief.

Cannabis-infused food is an excellent way to explore the world of cannabis. Edibles are sometimes created by cannabis aficionados who are always creating new experiences. Like seasoned chefs, these creators mix cannabis science with food science and deliver a variety of cannabis-infused edible options.

For the home cook who loves cooking new dishes, infusing cannabis-infused oils is possible. This allows you to add the oil to your favorite dishes to add flavor. You can also use it to make edibles that are unique to you and your preferences.

What Are The Benefits of Using Cannabis Edibles?

You can use edibles for a delicious high, but there are other ways to get a buzz. Smoking and vaping are often better in a social setting because you can share your goods with others.

Edibles are great for people who want to medicate discreetly. They’re also a great alternative for people who don’t want to smoke or vape, because it won’t produce the telltale cannabis cough. Plus, there’s no unpleasant smell.

Remember that edibles are a valuable way to deliver medical doses of THC and CBD. If you forget everything else, you should think about the magic behind them – how they can cure many ailments. People have been using edibles for over 2000 years. That’s a long time to discover the true magic behind these products.

Before cannabis was smoked it was used to make medicated edibles. It was also used as a salve for pain and healing by ancient Chinese and Egyptians. These natural remedies are what worked for them before they even had an option to smoke it.

A century ago, cannabis was the only medicine. But as pharmaceuticals gained traction, society abandoned it, forgetting about all of its benefits. Fortunately, modern society is coming around to the idea that cannabis is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

You can find a balance of THC and CBD when you are looking for remedies for multiple health issues. These edibles offer equal doses of both compounds to help with your symptoms.


Buy Marijuana Edibles Online | Treat Me Nice | CANNAMO